Two-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 2R-4S series

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Features of Two-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 2R-4S series:

Excellent response to fast rising transients
Stable breakdown voltage
GHz working frequency
8/20μs Impulse current capability : 3KA
Surface Mount package
Ultra Low capacitance (<0.8pF)
Lead-free and RoHS compliant
Size: 4.0mm*4.2mm*4.2mm
Storage and operational temperature: -40~+90°C

Applications of Two-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 2R-4S series:

CATV equipment
RS 485
Telecom Base Station
Power Supply AC Main
EV power Charging
Frequency Drivers (VFDs)
IEEE 802.3 compliant Ethernet interfaces
Broad Band equipment
Medical Electronics
Test Equipment
General Telecom Equipment
Renewable Energy


2R-4S Series description:

The two-pole SMD 2R-4S series ceramic gas discharge tube is suitable for Coaxial and xDSL ports, Internet port protection and surge protection of miniaturized ports. This series of products have small size and low capacitance, Features of strong current capacity, volume: 4.2×4.2×4.0mm, voltage range: 75-800V, 8/20μs waveform can withstand 3kA surge impact.

                                                                                                                             2-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 2R-4S series

2 reviews for Two-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 2R-4S series

  1. Stephen

    Terrific quality !

  2. Seth

    Thanks Carol, we got the first 10000 GDT today as well.

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