Three-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 3RB-8 series

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Features of Three-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 3RB-8 series:

Excellent response to fast rising transients
Stable breakdown voltage
GHz working frequency
8/20μs Impulse current capability: 10KA
Ultra Low capacitance (<1.5pF)
High insulation resistance
Lead-free and RoHS compliant
UL 497B Recognized: E465335
Size: Ф8mm*10mm
Storage and operational temperature: -40~+90°C

Applications of Three-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 3RB-8 series:

Communication equipment
CATV equipment
Data lines
Telecom SLIC protection
Broadband equipment
ADSL equipment, including ADSL2+
XDSL equipment
Satellite and CATV equipment
Test equipment
Consumer electronics


The three-pole 3RB-8 series ceramic gas discharge tube is suitable for automated PCB mounting production lines. There are different packages such as round electrodes, single square electrodes, and double-sided electrodes for users to choose freely. This series of products are mainly used in 5G communication base stations, high-frequency filters, switching power supplies, satellite antennas, automotive lighting, lightning protection devices, Gigabit and Fast Ethernet interfaces, 485 communication ports and other power and communication ports for surge protection. Volume: 8.0×10mm, voltage range: 75~800V, 8/20μs waveform can withstand 10kA surge energy.

Three-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 3RB-8 series

1 review for Three-pole Gas Discharge Tubes 3RB-8 series

  1. Anil

    The Gas Discharge Tubes 3R090TB-8 is working for our PCB board, thank you.

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